All names are withheld for child protection and confidentiality reasons.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have contributed to my teaching experience so much and I am so happy to have had this job, it's been fantastic! - Prima teacher (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

My daughter found your ballet teaching very worthwhile and I would just like to say thank you very much - on behalf of her, and from my wife and myself for all the work you have done with her. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

Really sad to hear you’re leaving Clare. You will be sorely missed, I’m not quite sure Prima will be the same. That said I wish you lots of luck in Suffolk, I hope everything turns out really well for you. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

Just a short email to basically say thank you. My daughter has been dancing with Prima for coming up 2 years now and is excited to be doing her first exam in June. Since starting dancing it has helped her develop confidence in herself and she likes to put on her own little shows for us at home (which includes pretending to be you choreographing)! I can understand it will be hard for you letting the school go after starting it yourself and my daughter and I wish you lots of luck with your new life and any venture you choose to take on next. Thanks again. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

My daughter has attended Prima since she was three years old and is now nine. Miss Clare has taught her ballet during this time. I feel she is an extremely talented ballet teacher who has extensive subject knowledge and high standards. I have always been proud to say my daughter attends Prima as it has such a good reputation in the area. She has always enjoyed ballet class and has made good progress, in fact she dances all the time, up the shopping aisles, in the playground at school and constantly in the house. Miss Clare will be greatly missed, we are very sad to see her go. Who knows we all may relocate to Suffolk  to attend your new school! - Parent  (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

My daughter joined Prima as a teenager after dancing elsewhere and it completely reignited her passion for dance. She was introduced to a whole new range of dance styles she never had the opportunity to do previously and has had so many performance opportunities.  She is now planning a career in dance which was unthinkable a few years ago. Clare is an amazing teacher and has obviously kept up her own training to the highest level, participating and demonstrating even in the most advanced classes.  The number of students who secure places at vocational schools is a clear indicator of the high standard of technical expertise children get from dancing at Prima.  My only regret is that we didn't join years ago! - Parent

The best years of my life were spent at Prima. Clare went above and beyond for every student she taught, and if you put the effort in this lady will give it back tenfold! She never gave up on me, not once,  even now that I live miles away she is always just a phone call away for advice. I gained all the essential experience and knowledge about teaching from this wonderful lady, who got me in professional dance college after just 5 years of dance training with her! She can truly work wonders! I now teach and run own classes successfully, and I can honestly say it is all thanks to Clare. Whether you want to just have fun or take dance more seriously Prima has got to be the place to go. No matter what you do, you will love every moment and wish there was more. I know that I did xxx - Former student

I've been meaning to get in touch with you as I was surprised to hear you were leaving the area and your lovely school. It must be heartbreaking for you to have built up such a fabulous school to leave it behind. - Local teacher (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

What a pity you are moving away. I've seen lovely girls of yours. - Local teacher (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

I'm sorry my daughter will miss seeing you this Saturday but would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you've done to help her develop a real passion for, and love of, dancing (especially ballet) over the years. You've been a real inspiration to her and I know she's really going to miss having you teach her. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

You will be a big miss. - Parent  (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

I am really sorry you are leaving and am grateful for your support and guidance over the last three years and I feel I have progressed greatly under your supervision. I will really miss dancing with you as it is such an encouraging and friendly environment. Once again thank you so much for the great time I have had these past years. - 16 year old student  (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

Your site is great Clare Robinson! I'm in awe of what you've achieved up in Washington! I have been teaching 3 years. I've sent enquiries from older students your way in the past, as my oldest kids are still only about 11. - Local dance teacher

Really sorry to hear you're leaving teaching at Prima, my daughter really enjoys her ballet lessons with you. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

Really sorry to hear you are moving away. You will be a very big miss. You make the school what it is and I've always been proud that my daughter attends Prima. My heart sank when I read the email. Not quite sure anyone could replace you as a ballet teacher. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

I'm sure when I tell my daughter tomorrow morning, she will be very sad to hear your moving away. But I do hope and wish you all the best in your new relocation, at Easter. I have to say you will be a miss as I have been talking to some friends who saw my daughter dance over Christmas and they said what a difference they saw in her.  I was very proud and still am of what she has done and achieved in a short time, with you.  That is all credit to you and how you teach the children. Good luck Clare in your new move. - Parent (related to Clare’s relocation from the North East to Suffolk)

My little girl loves her classes Miss Claire and Miss Lisa are the best. Baby ballet and Tap are fantastic classes would highly recommend. - Parent

As always the show was fantastic,  throughly enjoyed - both buy us and the girls. - Parent of 2 students

I just wanted to say thank you for all you hard work getting my daughter ready for her exam. She really enjoyed the exam lessons and I could see a huge improvement in her dancing. - Parent

Just wanted to say thank you for all the lessons you have given my daughter to get her to her Grade 1 exams today. She loved every minute of it and said the examiner was lovely. Thanks for all your hard work with them, it was amazing how far they have progressed in just over a year! - Parent

Clare, just to say a huge congratulations to you, Susan and your team of helpers on a great show (as always!).  My daughter loved it and we thought everyone danced brilliantly. - Parent

We would like to say how great the show was! We thoroughly enjoyed the format the choreography, costumes, music choices...excellent performances by all. This really was first class. You could see how much everyone had matured from last year. Everyone looked like they thoroughly enjoyed been on that stage! My daughter absolutely thrived on the whole atmosphere but not just the day,  the build up too. You really surpassed yourself this year, the whole aspect of the show showcasing every students talent for us all to admire,share and thoroughly enjoy. - Parent

The show was fantastic, well done to all at Prima, very proud to have my daughter taking part. - Parent

Changing dance schools is a big decision to a dancer who has danced in thesame school for a long time especially those that had lost all interest indance lessons.   Its an anxious time, for parent and student, those first few weeks hoping you have done the right thing.  Joining Prima was the bestthing we did.  Just wish we had had the courage to do it earlier.  All thestudents,teachers and parents have made us so welcome. The icing on the cakethough is when you receive that lovely text from your unconfident child tosay she is feeling amazing at dance today - All because of a few lovelywords from her teacher. Encouragement and praise go a long way for me and this is what you will always get from Prima.  Oh! and lots of opportunities too. - Parent of 2 students

Best move I did for my daughter was bringing her to your school. - Parent

I would just like to say my daughter has really enjoyed her time at Prima and thank you for everything while she has been there. - Parent

I think that it is the best dance school I have ever been to I love all the staff but I love Clare Robinson she is so kind and very good at teaching. - 10 year old student

I think that it is the best dance school I have ever been to I love all the staff. They are so kind and very good at teaching. - Student

I wanted to say thank you, Susan and Angeline for the watch classes week - fantastic! I still marvel at the amount of work you get through! - Parent

I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed watch week. My daughter is so happy in class and enjoys the variety you provide for her. It was lovely to watch her in different dancing classes with a range of teaching styles, so many thanks for that and we look forward to the next one! - Parent

My daughter attended ballet and tap classes with you up until the age of 4, then we moved to the Middle East. We always thought your school was amazing, but it was only when we watched the quality of the dance instruction here in comparison that we really appreciated just how fab Prima is! Yes your classes are far superior to anything we have found here, but in addition to that the way your classes are organised is first rate too. If there were any way we could fly my daughter back every Saturday morning we would! - Parent

I love how much poise my daughter is getting in Ballet (great teaching Clare) and I love how happy and comfortable she is at Prima! Bear dance with Miss Susan was adorable and the attitude walk with Miss Claire is completely hilarious, amazing work by all :) - Parent

Had a fantastic day watching ballet and tap!! They are all stars!! - Parent

Watch Classes Week is always so lovely Clare!! All the children work so hard and the teachers are all super too!! - Parent

I have to say all the teachers make them work hard. I wanted to join in the street dance. What lovely teachers and the classes were really good and entertaining in parts. Big well done to all those dancers. - Parent

I love the cultural references added to the classes, they all knew the story and characters, fantastic :) - Parent

It was great to see how my daughter is getting on, she hasn't been with you very long. I loved the Coppelia theme :-) - Parent

One of my son's teachers from school watched one of his classes yesterday and said she was impressed with how much self discipline the kids have and how hard they work! - Parent

I've been at Prima since I was 4 I think, you have helped me so much. Thank you :) - Student

We had a great time at Baby Ballet today. I felt really emotional it has been mummy highlight so far. She felt so comfortable there. - Parent

Just wanted to say thanks again for the summer school. My daughter is really excited about joining Prima and a bit scared about being the new girl but I think she's really enjoyed her time there this week and that will make the transition so much easier for her. - Parent

I just wanted to say that the teaching by yourself and Susan has been absolutely fantastic at Prima…my daughter has done various things over the past 5 years and not progressed so quickly with. We feel that you offer the best teaching with the required discipline…thanks again to all the Prima teachers. :) - Parent

We'd just like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Prima for all the help and support you have given my daughter over the last 2 years, as this helps her move forward in her career. I know she is going to miss you all as she has made some really good friends while she has been with you. - Parent

Thank you for your support and guidance - Parent

Have to say the show was excellent and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Thank you for all your excellent coaching with recent vocational ballet exam, my daughter really appreciated those last coaching sessions you did, really did give her the extra confidence she needed. She is delighted with her result. - Parent

Thank you again for this past year, my daughter is so happy at Prima, and very much looks forward to coming back after the summer holidays. - Parent

My girls loved Ballet tonight and can't wait to get started properly - Parent

One of the things I noticed at the visit to the school was the whole ethos and feeling of the school was good. It made me think why I didn't move my girls to you before! - Parent

What a superb production! Congratulations to all the students and staff it was truly fantastic. You must be delighted! - Parent

Just wanted to say a huge congratulations on yesterday's show, it was absolutely amazing. The ballet in particular was simply beautiful. My daughters loved the whole experience. Well done to you and your whole team. - Parent

I would like to say how much we enjoyed the show, it was a thoroughly entertaining professional production that I was proud my children were part of. A credit to all of those involved. - Parent

The show was a great experience for the children so thanks for all the work you put into organising it. It looked great from the bits I saw in the wings and feedback from family in the audience was that it was fantastic. - Parent

The standard of dancing and overall professionalism in the show was outstanding. I know only too well the organisation and work that goes on so please pass on my congratulations to all your staff as well. Everyone clearly worked very hard but well worth it for the end performance. Thank you so much. - Parent

Yesterday's show was amazing loved it and was lucky to be part of it. Thanks to Miss Clare, Miss Claire and Susan for letting it happen. - Student

I loved the show and was lucky to be a part of it. - Student

What a beautiful opening dance in the show, I had a little tear watching my daughter! - Parent

Just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous show yesterday. My daughter has come on so well with her dancing. Her dad was really proud as he's never seen her dance before. We now know when she's been jumping around the house she was actually dancing as she never shows us dance moves! You must be very proud all that work was worth it. - Parent

Prima Dance School were excellent at the Customs House yesterday!!!! Well done everyone!!! :-) - Parent

Best show so far - well done everyone. - Parent/adult student

Well done to all the people who organised the show and helped. - Grandparent

Well done on the show, so proud of my grandkids. - Grandparent

Well done all connected with the show a lot of hard work. It was great. - Relative of student

Fantastic standard of all the dances and dancers. Brilliant evening - thanks to you and the other teachers :-) - Parent

It was fantastic!! First Prima show my daughter has done and she thoroughly enjoyed it, now she wants to do every Prima class going lol. Well done everyone!!!! - Parent

It was incredible Clare - thanks to you, Claire and Susan for all your hard work. It really was outstanding!! So proud. - Parent

OMG I hurt everywhere from working backstage! Lol…worth it all though to see my not so little girl perform with Prima Academy. - Parent

An amazing show by Prima Dance Academy. Everyone worked so hard. Wish I could have seen it from the audience but it was still great watching it from the wings. So proud of my girl. - Parent

So very proud of my grand children and all the kids in the show of course. I wish that my mam could have afforded lessons for me. - Grandparent

It was a great show, they did well. - Parent

Loved every minute of the show, even the chaos backstage ;) - Parent/adult student

Show was so much fun and couldn't have been better. - Student

The show was amazing. Couldn't of gone better. Thank you to Clare, Susan, Claire and the chaperones. - Student

Show was great best one yet. - Student

You are so good at what you do. You were amazing with my daughter. You are very much appreciated. Credit where credit is due Clare. My daughter's training at college has been so far ahead of others. - Parent of former student

Thanks, they had a great time. - Parent

So proud of my girls and all the kids. - Grandparent

You should be very proud! You have wonderful talented teachers including yourself! And very talented kids!! :D - Parent

Had a great day today. Everyone involved in the show should be VERY proud of themselves tonight :D :D My feet are sore from running around backstage, but I'm so pleased I was a part of it!!!!! :D :D - Parent

You're amazing Clare, well done for your dedicated hard work. You give children the opportunity to fulfil their dreams. - Parent of former student

Choreography and kids dancing skills were amazing!! :D Well done to all!!!!! :D :D :D - Parent

Well done Clare! The ballet was amazing!!! Couldn't be happier with how it all went!!! Yeyyyy! - Student

So proud of my dancing beauties and all their talented friends at Prima today! I was again moved to tears by the wonderful performances by all; just AMAZING - thank you so much Clare, Claire and Susan. - Parent

The show was awesome. - Parent

My son makes me smile when he's on that stage he just LUVS it ;) - Parent

The ballet was particularly good, very professional, the hedgehogs were fabulous, well worth all that stitching Clare!! Fabulous choreography throughout! - Parent

It was the best show ever!!!! - Parent

Well done Prima for an amazing show, an astonishing amount of work goes into the show and you are all stars! I would also like to say the little team of children I looked after were amazing both on stage and backstage! They all deserve a treat this week!! - Parent

Enjoyed the best every Magic Moments show by all the children at Prima Academy! It was truly amazing! Thanks to Miss Clare, Miss Susan and Miss Claire for all your hard work! - Parent

Loved the show it was great. - Parent

My girls had a great time fantastic show. All of you did brilliant. - Parent

Well done to all the cast of Prima Academy for an absolutely fantastic show :D best one yet! Very very proud Mum and Dad. - Parent

The show was great well done everyone especially Miss Clare for choreographing it all and Miss Susan and other Miss Claire. - Student

The show was unbelievable…needless to say, I cried like a baby! - Parent

I really didn't expect how slick and professional the show was - the ballet was amazing but loved act 2 too! So proud. - Parent

How amazing was the show please? The ballet part was just amazing. So beautiful. - Parent

Well done all the Prima girls and boys in the show - you were fantastic! - Parent

Fantastic day today with all the fab stars at Prima, they have all been great and have worked so very hard, adults as well as children, and all that hard work has paid off as the show was absolutely brilliant. So proud of my own little star, well done everyone!!!!!! - Parent

Well done Prima Academy great show… Best one ever ;) Well done Miss Clare, Miss Susan and Miss Claire, explosive choreography guys!!! Proud mam tonight. - Parent

I feel like I have been done the rabbit hole. If I wrote a blog it would say only beautiful things, truly lovely performance. - Parent

Wow!! Another fantastic show performed by all the students at Prima!!!! A HUGE HUGE thank you to Clare, Susan and Claire for all their hard work!! - Parent

The show was amazing loved the Ballet it was beautiful!! My daughter had such a good time many thanks. - Parent

It was a great show, very talented dancers. - Parent

Lovely show "Alice" was fab, beautiful costumes and fab choreography. Well done lady dancers I am so jealous I wasn't on stage with you guys. - Parent/adult student

Outstanding show! Loved it! Huge thank you to everyone involved. So glad my daughter got to be part of it. - Parent

What a fantastic show from Prima! Well done to all the dancers you were amazing, thanks to staff and helpers for making it all possible, I loved it! :-) - Parent

Super super uber proud of my beautiful amazing dancing princess. Well done everyone Magic Moments 2013 best show ever. Well done Clare, beautiful work :) - Parent

All the hard work for the show more than paid off Clare. - Parent

That was a spectacular show from Prima!! Many thanks to Clare, Susan and Claire for all their hard work. We are very proud parents. - Parent

What a whirlwind weekend…well done Claire Knowles, Clare Robson and Susan Kenney Teasdale…the show was great…Well done to my beautiful daughter for a great show. - Parent

A really fantastic performance by Prima Dance, looked like everyone really enjoyed it, Clare you should be proud!! - Parent

Well I have never been prouder of my princess performing at the Customs House with her Stage Star and dancing friends. I was an emotional wreck! Well done to everyone and a big thank you to the chaperones for taking care of my girl. Well done Prima and thanks Clare for letting my tinker take part. - Parent

They were all fab…I'm knackered from helping backstage at the show but it's worth it to see the smile on the kids faces when they have danced to an audience. - Parent

What a fab show, all the kids were great and no hiccups, how did they manage to remember all those steps!!!! Clare, it was well worth all your stress that must have been so difficult to put together yet it was flawless!! So proud of you all especially my little Munchkin. - Parent

The show on Sunday was absolutely fab, they all did so well! My daughter loved the Barbie Ballet dance aswell! - Parent

Just to say thanks so much for the lovely show on Sunday. My daughter enjoyed it so much. Her first show and already she is wanting to do another. It was lovely seeing all the performers but especially my little girl (obviously). Thanks for giving me a lovely memory of my daughter's first performance. - Parent

My daughter has been attending for a couple of years now and absolutely loves it. She was quite quiet and shy at dancing and school and is now so much more confident. A big thank you to all the teachers for that especially Miss Clare, Miss Susan, Lucy and Hannah the helpers. - Parent

Another amazing show by Prima today! Huge talent on the stage, some of which brought me to tears! Thank you Clare and your fantastic crew! - Parent

Excellent show today! It was my daughter's first every show and she loved it! So glad she is part of such a professional setup. Thanks to all involved! - Parent

It was the best Prima show every done and the girl I was dancing with in the finale said she wants me to come to her birthday party awwwww! - Student

Fantastic show Clare. Well done to all involved. - Parent

Just want to say what a great show, we really enjoyed it and had a great time. Thank you so much. My daughter had a good experience backstage which I'm so grateful for you, to give her that chance. - Parent

Enjoyed my first ever Prima show, it was brill! - Parent

What a lovely afternoon, the little ones were so sweet…Musical Theatre was very good, best one ever by miles. My friend has seen every Prima show and said it was much better. I was very impressed with the level 2 Musical Theatre, very clean and some lovely performers coming through. I loved the choreography, very clean…great entertainment. Still buzzing and very proud! - Parent

Amazing show well done everyone….Very impressed. Thank you Clare, Claire and Susan, lovely choreography! - Parent

Well done Clare, Susan and Claire for a great show, I loved it, all the performers were just fab! - Parent

Well done Clare - the show was brilliant, so proud of my daughter she done really well, thank you. - Parent

The show was great. Thank you to Clare and Susan for making it happen. - Student

The show was brilliant and the musical theatre was the best yet! - Parent

The show was great, loved it! - Student

The show was amazing, well done Prima dance! - Parent

The show was awesome! - Parent

Well done, the show was excellent, one of the best yet! - Parent

Dance Delights was absolutely fantastic!! A very big well done to our little star and all the other children and a very big well done and thank you to all the staff at Prima Academy for all the hard work they have done!! - Parent

The show was fantastic!! Well done! - Parent

Well done everyone - the show was fab! - Parent

I didn't realise my daughter could sing so well. I think it was a great show. - Parent

You should be very proud, amazing performance. - Parent

Well done to everyone at Prima, what a fantastic show, really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the video. - Parent

Show was fab, my daughter is one tired little girl tonight. - Parent

The show was excellent! Thanks to Clare and all those who helped for a great performance. My daughter really enjoyed her first show. - Parent

It was an amazing show! - Parent

Well done to all students at Prima Academy for today's show. It was fantastic!! We have some very talented young people!! Many thanks to Clare, Susan and Claire for all their hard work. Job well done! - Parent

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself today at the Barbie Ballet Class and she is very keen to come again! - Parent

My two girls had a great time at the Barbie Ballet Class! Thank you to all!! - Parent

My two had a great time at the Barbie Ballet Class! So did I, really pleased to see 5 boys there!! - Parent

My son and daughter loved the Barbie Ballet class, thank you! - Parent

Wow I really can't believe what you did in such a short space of time in the Barbie Ballet Class! Well done for organising it all!! - Parent

My daughter had a magical time. She hasn't stopped talking about Barbie Ballet and is convinced they are going to win the competition. Fingers crossed! - Parent

2 weeks to til the show sooooo excited I have got a solo in a group with some friends. Everyone always has a fair share at Prima that is why I love going there on Monday Saturday and Wednesday - Student

My daughter had a fantastic day yesterday at the Barbie Ballet Class, she's so excited for the show, thanks for the opportunity for her to take part. - Parent

Just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you for this afternoon, both girls enjoyed the Barbie class and we loved watching the show at the end! It looked as though all who took part really enjoyed it. - Parent

Can't wait for the show in 2 weeks you always get the best at Prima lots of fun things to do in the show like solos groups dances loads and I'm really excited can't wait :) :) - Student

My daughters both attend classes at Prima Academy of Performing Arts - which they both love!! Prima caters really well for all ages and abilities and the teachers there are first class!! :D - Parent

My daughter and two nieces plus friends kids attend Prima Academy of Performing Arts, it's brilliant. We look forward to every Saturday, teachers are A++++++++ - Parent

My daughter attends Baby Ballet and is not yet 2. She absolutely loves the class and can follow all of the instructions, dance routines and games. She has really come out of her shell and is confident around the other children. Making me one proud parent! Can't wait to enrol her onto Monkey Moves when she is old enough!! - Parent

Firstly thank you and Susan for the teaching that led to the great Jazz and Musical Theatre marks this week! My daughter was apprehensive as always but really pleased with the results. - Parent

My daughter is keen to do as much dancing now. When we first came to Prima we as parents were worried she wouldn't cope with doing all these classes, especially as she was only doing 2 lessons at her previous school and now she can't get enough. I think she has settled brilliantly at Prima, seems a lot more confident in herself relative to before. - Parent

My daughter is still over the moon about her exam results, we all are, she thought the exam had gone well but don't think you can judge what you're going to get, it's a real boost to her confidence. Thanks for all your support and helping her get such a fantastic result. - Parent

My daughter is loving her time at your school, thriving in the whole environment. We only wish we had come sooner. - Parent

I was really pleased with the progress my daughter has made with both her Ballet and Jazz from what I saw at Watch Week she is coming on brilliant. Hats off to both you and Susan for doing an excellent job. - Parent

What a brilliant Baby Ballet class we had today! It's always fantastic but today Miss Lisa and Miss Claire introduced a Christmas/Winter theme. The Baby Ballerinas were prancing like reindeer, dancing with tinsel and even skating to the Bolero! Just fabulous!!! - Parent

Many thanks for our free trial week. I was surprised by the size of the school - clearly very popular! The students were all happy and buzzing going from one class to the next. My son will certainly be challenged which is a must for any child wishing to maximise their potential. Everyone was so friendly and we loved the whole vibe of your school. - Parent

Just wanted to say how much my daughter is enjoying Prima, she has been very excited about all the classes she has done last week. She has spoken with such enthusiasm about all the classes so far which is as a parent is lovely to hear. This last week has given my daughter some vital confidence which we are sure she will continue to develop. - Parent

Clare Robson is a highly dedicated teacher, and she believes in every single one of her students. Throughout the years this lady has helped me progress, seeing me and my class mates through exams, giving us the technique and skill needed to pass comfortably. She has took time to mentor me individually, so that I could achieve the levels and improve enough to attend a professional dance college, where I gained teaching qualifications and got my first professional dance job. Within her dance acadamy, Clare offers a wide variety of classes at a largly discounted rate, enabling those on a lower income, such as myself, the chance to try out "something new" and possibly succseed and carry it on into a profession if they wish to do so, not just leaving it for those with the funds to do as they please. The quality of the training is second to none, no matter your background you are guaranteed to recieve the same treatment. Many of the students that attend this dance school get accepted into professional dance shows or colleges/schools/trainning acadamys through out the UK. - Former student

Not sure where to start as we have so much to say about PRIMA!!! What a wonderful 8 years you have given my daughter, she has loved every minute with you and her dancing has gone from strength to strength. We feel you have nurtured her every step of the way. She has had so many life changing opportunities in her ballet so far to which we feel she could not of achieved without PRIMA's help... It most certainly has given her life experience needed to audition for top ballet schools around the country and it has given her the confidence to join 'The Hammond' in September!! Her opportunities to perform both in PRIMA shows and local theatres, as well as 27 exams in ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre including her first vocational exam this summer have been an amazing experience. Thank you Miss Clare, Miss Susan and Miss Becky and all other staff involved in the smooth running of a successful dance school !!!! - Parent

Thanks for e-mailing the results. My daughters are very happy with their marks especially my eldest, she wasn't expecting a distinction, she's over the moon. We all just wanted to say thank you. - Parent

Just to let you know my daughter was offered a principal ballet part yesterday in 'Fame' at the Sunderland Empire, opening the show, and four other Prima students have main dance roles. One of them is also playing the sax in the show. Great advert for Prima!! - Parent

The Advanced Foundation exam was exactly 90 minutes long! They were all 'flushed' shall we say when they came out! All beautifully presented as usual and a credit to Prima! - Parent

My daughters have been at Prima for about six months now and are really enjoying all the lessons. I'm amazing at how they've picked up Jazz and Tap having only studied Ballet previously, they are constantly dancing everywhere they go. It's nice for me to see them so happy and I'm looking forward to Watch Classes Week. - Parent

My daughter and I both agreed there was a lovely positive vibe at Prima, and that is all we are seeking, somewhere my daughter can feel confident and hopefully develop her dancing. - Parent

You must be congratulated at the standard of the Prima students at the EYB  again this year! They are a real credit to you - thank you! I hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did! - Parent

I'd just like to say how grateful I am for all the help and support you've given me. - Parent

Thank you for your continued hard work - my daughter is really enjoying her new classes. - Parent

What a great performance from the Prima students on Saturday evening - beautifully presented! Whoever was in charge of hair/make-up did a fantastic job to match the wonderful choreography! Those swans were fantastic. Thank you to everyone backstage! - Parent

A special thank you from my husband and I and my daughter of course for all your hard work over the last 8 years! - Parent

Credit where it's due to one amazing ballet teacher. You need to be careful nurturing dancers to get them there and that's what you have given them every step of the way. - Parent

Natural ability is a bonus but it has to be guided in the correct way and those two girls are Prima Ballerinas through their own hard work and commitment as well as you giving them the same, you have nurtured that talent too. My daughter enjoys her dancing and you are fab Clare and I know my daughter will never be a star but you still give her the same attention as those girls. Take credit where it's due x - Parent

Prima Academy of Performing Arts ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Parent

You must be so proud of all your girls and boys! My kids love Prima and so does my wife! If it's good for them it's good for me! Thank you Clare! - Parent

You brought my daughter through from the age of 7 and we will always be grateful for that. My daughter and I have so much to thank you for, you have nurtured her and been an amazing teacher. - Parent 

You're fab Clare and my daughter loves you. - Parent

Thank you for the e-mail with the exam results. My daughter and I are delighted with her result considering she had been ill in the run up to the exam and wasn't well on the day. I would also like to say thank you to you and all the dance teachers for working so hard to help all of the students do so well. In fact when I looked at the results across the grades, you certainly achieve excellent standards. - Parent

Thank you to you for your hard work in preparing my daughter for her exam. - Parent

I would like to pass on thanks to you and Becky re the Intermediate results - all the girls are over the moon! This has really focussed my daughter on her future too and dance will definitely be a big part of that! Thank you again. - Parent

Just wanted to let you know what a credit the girls were to you at their exam in Stirling - they were so well presented and conducted themselves beautifully! - Parent

Loved Watch Classes Week, can't believe the progress my son has made. Thanks to Clare, Susan, Emma-Jane and Becky for all your hard work. - Parent

You have been amazing for my daughter and we can never thank you enough. - Parent

Prima students have been brilliant at Bugsy at the Sunderland Empire - one of your students' musical talents have been well showcased and one of your boys' speech clear and well delivered in a fab New York accent! One of your girls was awarded the Director's mention for character acting on the opening night too. It's been another great experience for them. - Parent

Thank you to all the teachers at Prima. I feel my daughter has grown so much in confidence since starting in November. She loves it so much and talks about you all the time. I'm not sure how we're going to cope over the summer break but she already can't wait to come back in September. Parent

I have seen a huge improvement in my son's attitude. Today he came bouncing out of the class with a huge smile on his face! He gave me a big 'YEAH' when I asked if the class was sooooo good and fun. It's not often he has such good feedback about anything so I just wanted to let you know and say thank you, your hard work is appreciated. - Parent

Thanks for the wonderful show, the children were all fantastic and they were all having such fun, my husband and I really enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one! Thanks again to everyone for all their hard work. - Parent

Saturday's show was tremendous....the best yet! Thanks for everything - my daughter's face shows how much she enjoys it all!!

I had to contact you to say we loved the show. My mother in law came and was in tears during the pointe dance. Fantastic to see the progress in the girls. Also loved the mix of musical theatre. Well done to all staff. - Parent

Just to say thank you for putting on a fantastic show yesterday!! We enjoyed every minute. The dancing was fantastic, the children seemed so happy and confident on stage. It was nice to see the progression in the ballet. My daughter had a ball and can't wait to do it all again!! We are very proud. Thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work. - Parent

Fab show last night. - Parent

Well done to everyone, the show was fantastic. - Parent

WOW!! What a performance at the Custom's House. Credit goes to Miss Clare, the ballet was outstanding, well done ballerinas. Thoroughly enjoyed second half of the show, it was fun and entertaining. Well done everyone. - Parent

Fab performance last night, well done all. - Parent

It was a brilliant show. - Parent

My hubby hasn't seen my daughter dancing before and really enjoyed the show. Then when land of hope and glory came on he was delighted. He loves that tune (and of course the tune at the beginning of the show which is played at the Sunderland matches). - Parent

Really enjoyed it. My little tom boy can be graceful! - Parent

Fantastic show. Everyone was fantastic. It was my daughter's first show and she really enjoyed herself. Well done everyone!! - Parent

Was a fab show. - Parent

It was brill. - Parent

Well done for another fantastic show! - Parent

Tonight's show was AMAZING!! Well done to everyone. - Parent

Just a quick thank you following my daughter's great jazz and RAD results - thrilled to bits! - Parent

My daughter has enjoyed her time at Prima and is sad to be leaving. - Parent

Just letting you know the opening night of The Tempest was wonderful - you can be very proud of the girls. The cast have been marvellous with them and marvelled at their pointe work! They were thanked by the Director, Chair and all the cast last night for the effort and enthusiasm and many of the audience congratulated them on leaving. Their 'Sprite' dance pieces were interwoven with speech in parts and each piece added something visual and energetic to the performance - it really was fabulous! The Chair suggested they would like to work with the girls on future productions and I am sure they would be willing as they have been so well received. A really exciting opportunity and the girls were a credit to Prima! - Parent

We have been attending Street classes for the past three weeks and my daughter loves it. We have been to a few dance schools lately and must say we think we have left the best till last. - Parent

Fantastic, really enjoyed watching my daughter in class today :) - Parent

Thank you for letting us in to watch, it's great to see the progress they are making. I always look forward to it! - Parent

Watch Classes week was fab. I can't believe how much they have come on in a year. I love the way you get them to do the moves without them realising they are doing Ballet moves! I hope that they all pass their exams in a few weeks time! I'm one proud mam, thanks Clare for all your hard work. - Parent

Thank you for the fab Watch Classes last Saturday , it was lovely to see how much they've all come on. It's all so professional - all due, of course to their brilliant teacher! - Parent

Watch Classes Week was fab, loved watching my daughter! - Parent

Thank you for another great Watch Classes Week. I have enjoyed seeing the improvement my daughter has made in all classes. - Parent

My daughter loves Monkey Moves, it's all we hear about! - Parent

I must express our thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for the girls already. It really is appreciated. We (the mums and girls) are so impressed with the school so far, it's so very well organised and welcoming. You definitely have some new pupils!! Thank you once again for all that you have done. - Parent

Thank you very much for your help, and in particular for being prepared to enter the girls for the exam they were preparing for at their old school before it closed. - Parent

We enjoyed watching the lesson, it was lovely - Parent

Thanks for all the lovely years we have had with your school. - Parent

My daughter has really enjoyed being part of Prima and has made some nice friends and I would like to thank you for dedicating your expertise to my daughter for the last 4 years. - Parent

Thank you so much for organising such a lovely show yesterday. My daughter really enjoyed participating in it - the costumes were beautiful. We all loved watching it - I was crying of course!! - Parent

Great results from the tap exam - thanks for all your efforts and for Susan's. - Parent

You helped me :) and I can't thank you enough. - Former student

A great performance from Troupe members again at the Wetlands Trust in Washington - Saturday and Sunday 26th & 27th June 2010! Despite the scorching heat the girls performed a full programme of dance and musical theatre numbers. Staff at the centre commented on how professional the girls' all were and on their hard work! Special thank you to Emma - Jane (and trusty assistant Lucy Helen) for arranging the event! Particular thanks to 'MC Ruth' for her DJ skills! - Parent

I was a student at prima, I left last september to go to college, thanks to the dicipline, help and support from all the teachers in the school, I am now in a professional dance college, and I'm able to attend the long hours and the demands that my course requires of me. Once again thank you so so much, you, as a school have done more for me than I think you realise!! - Former student

Just had to email to say how refreshed my daughter seems after dancing today... she is buzzing and hasn't stopped talking about her classes, she loved the unset class and she had so much fun!! I find it astonishing that she doesn't get sick of all this dance, more so the amount of ballet and how you manage to keep it edgy all the time!! So well done to you and credit where its due. - Parent

Thank you for the continued support in her classes; training and development!! - Parent

I feel you are extremely good with the girls in your class and from what I understand my daughter loves it! - Parent

I just wanted to say I enjoyed watching my daughter in your classes this week, my husband is VERY APPROVING of your teaching. He thinks our daughter is being taught well and is pretty good at it too! I have also been impressed with my daughter's progress especially in Ballet. - Parent

The show was amazing from start to finish. Absolutely brilliant. - Parent

Fantastic show yesterday - really enjoyed it.  girls all did you proud. - Parent

Wow! What a show absolutely brilliant. Thought the children did really well at the Customs House. - Parent

Well done to the girls in Troupe the performance at the Empire was excellent loved Thriller with all the girls. My daughter said she had a fab time. - Parent

The show was really enjoyable and I was amazed at how much she has improved since the last time we saw her dance- congratulations to you and Susan - Parent

Just to say we thought the show yesterday was fantastic! We thoughly enjoyed it and it looked like all the girls did too. My daughter had a great time, we felt very proud watching her dance so confidently. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work. - Parent

My girls all loved taking part in the show - Parent

The show on Sunday was amazing, costumes, dances, singing and enthusiasm... Words cannot describe how proud we are and delighted with progress thats been made in both musical theatre and the dancing... well done and thanks for all your hard work!! - Parent

I don’t know where to start – I can’t tell you how wonderful Magic Moments 2010 was ! Tears of joy ( and pride) , laughter and huge applause – you can’t ask for more! I was thrilled with my daughter's recent scholar’s report and to see her progress on the stage last night was overwhelming! I wanted to thank you for your teaching and that of your staff – all have been a great support to my daughter. She lives for her classes – a great advert for Prima! Congratulations to everyone ! - Parent

Well done to all troupe girls for tonight. Thriller is amazing...though I am not sure I will ever get a brush through my daughter's hair ever again!! For anyone who hasn't seen it, you have a treat in store at Shields tomorrow. Oh---Emma-Jane and Clare, the hard work certainly paid off. They all did you proud! Looking forward to magic moments even more now. - Parent

Well done all the kids from prima. Tonight was truly fantastic. You were all brilliant - Parent

Well done to all the staff from prima.You did the kids proud and they did you proud. - Parent

Well done everyone for another successful show!! You were all fantastic!! - Parent

Magic moments was brilliant, well done to all the children for fantastic show, and well done to all staff - Parent

Excellent show tonight. Well done girls and many thanks staff. It may have been stressful back stage but it was fab front of stage. Really enjoyed it. - Parent

Well girls and boys what a show you were all fabulous. Clare, Susan, Emma-Jane and Keeran thank you for all your hard work and patience - Parent

Magic Moments 2010 was fab, all the little extras that can't be rehearsed are an added bonus for the audience although I am sure very stressful for staff backstage. I think everyone done really well and it was nice for me to see my daughter's progress since the last show. She loves to dance and enjoys doing it at Prima I hope one day she becomes the dancer she wants to be. Well done everyone. - Parent

Fantastic show yesterday - really enjoyed it. The children all did you proud - Parent

We all enjoyed the show today so well done to you all! - Parent

Thank you for all your hard work, you made my daughter very happy and a mam very proud - Parent

It was all FAB FAB FAB. Went down soooo well with everyone thanks so much!!!. - Parent

The show was really good. Well done - Parent

The show went down really well and the costumes looked amazing. Well done - Parent

Thanks once again for your continued support with my daughter, we are thrilled with all her achievements this year and delighted with her dancing progress. We were watching the DVD of the last show and you can see the improvements in her strength and technique in her ballet, well done!! - Parent

Wow what a fab exam result for what 6 weeks? I'm sure it is down to yourself and Susan but can we have this examiner again! Also thanks to Emma Jane, my daughter auditioned at her school for the main lead in the xmas play and got it including singing a solo! - Parent

I really cant thank you enough for all the help you have given me since joining prima without your help and guidance i wouldn't be where I am so thank you so much - Student, aged 15

My children attend your school and I am impressed with the professionalism. - Parent

I thought the Summer school was excellent my daughter really enjoyed it. Hope you do another! - Parent

My daughter had great fun on this years summer school. She found it hard work, enjoyable and came on leaps and bounds. A truly magical experience. She can't wait for next year. - Parent

Just to says thank you for the ‘ summer school’ last week – my daughter was disappointed to only be able to get to 3 days as we were away earlier in the week but thoroughly enjoyed the time she was there !! Great idea – when’s the next one!! The performance on Friday was brilliant!! Thank you !! - Parent

Many thanks for the invitation to ‘Monkey moves’ open day on Saturday. My wife and I could really see how much our daughter enjoys her lessons! - Parent

Thank you for your lessons which my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. - Parent

I need to thank you for making ballet the highlight of my daughter's week and she is devastated that we have to leave and she will no longer be able to do princess ballet. All the best for the future and again thank you!!!! - Parent

My daughter has been going to these classes since she was 2 1/2. The teachers are great, extremely professional and have a great manner with the children. My little girl is going through a little bit of separation anxiety at the moment. Clare has been a godsend and still manages to get her in without fuss. Once she's in she's fine. Very and experienced and professional throughout a great recommendation! - Parent

The party went very well - all the girls were in their High School Musical uniforms. - Parent

I would like my daughter to do the Scholar Programme next term. Can I say my daughter has come on loads since last watch classes week and to get the feedback I have tonight I am over the moon for her, she certainly doesn't lack confidence. Susan and Nikki were lovely and have made my daughter want to dance a lot more. - Parent

Wow!!! What a fantastic performance from the dance troupe – really slick! Thank you for all your hard work. - Parent

They all love their classes, it is truly lovely to see them so excited about them so thank you again. - Parent

Many thanks once again for all your help, the girls are loving everything about your dance school, which is wonderful for me too! - Parent

Miss Nikki is great with the kids, my daughter enjoys her classes. - Parent

Thank you for 'Watch Classes' this week. It is great to see the progress my daughter is making in all her classes and that she still loves her dancing after 4 years. I was very impressed with BBO Tap on Wednesdays and the Graded Ballet on Saturday. - Parent

Loved Watch Classes Week, can't believe the progress my son has made. Thanks to Clare, Susan, Emma-Jane and Becky for all your hard work. - Parent

Fantastic, really enjoyed watching my daughter in class today :) - Parent

Thank you for letting us in to watch, it's great to see the progress they are making. I always look forward to it! - Parent

Watch Classes week was fab. I can't believe how much they have come on in a year. I love the way you get them to do the moves without them realising they are doing Ballet moves! I hope that they all pass their exams in a few weeks time! I'm one proud mam, thanks Clare for all your hard work. - Parent

Thank you for the fab Watch Classes last Saturday , it was lovely to see how much they've all come on. It's all so professional - all due, of course to their brilliant teacher! - Parent

Watch Classes Week was fab, loved watching my daughter! - Parent

Thank you for another great Watch Classes Week. I have enjoyed seeing the improvement my daughter has made in all classes. - Parent

My daughter loves Monkey Moves, it's all we hear about! - Parent

I must express our thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for the girls already. It really is appreciated. We (the mums and girls) are so impressed with the school so far, it's so very well organised and welcoming. You definitely have some new pupils!! Thank you once again for all that you have done. - Parent

Thank you very much for your help, and in particular for being prepared to enter the girls for the exam they were preparing for at their old school before it closed. - Parent

We enjoyed watching the lesson, it was lovely - Parent

Thanks for all the lovely years we have had with your school. - Parent

Thank you very much for that you have given ballet lessons to my daughter for 3 years. And Magic Moment was fantastic, we enjoyed it very much. - Parent

We just wanted to say thank-you, it was a lovely afternoon and we thoroughly enjoyed it, espscially the ballet of course! My daughter really enjoyed participating too, thanks for all the hard work it must have taken. - Parent

Just wanted to say how much i enjoyed taking part in the show last week. I really look forward to the shows and, in my opinion, the stress is worth it! - Student, aged 15

Magic Moments 2008, what an absolutely fantastic show! The secret they were told to keep definitely made me cry. Well done. - Parent

Just to say we really enjoyed the show last night and my daughter really enjoyed taking part. - Parent

Magic Moments was fantastic! - Parent

The show was great, your hard work paid off, well done. - Parent

The show was lovely...costumes were beautiful as always! I enjoyed the ballet and muscial theatre it is amazing what can be achieved in only 13 lessons and 2 rehearsals! Well done Clare and Nikki. - Parent

The show was great. My daughter can't wait to do it all again! - Parent

The ballet was fantastic! My mother-in-law cried all the way through and I didn't recognise my daughter she was so neat and tidy! - Parent

Just to say what a really lovely show it was today (12.30). We were impressed with the high professional standard of all the ballet and performing arts.  My daughter enjoyed the total experience and I am sure will remember it for many years to come.  We are all looking forward to watching it again on the DVD! - Parent

Thank you again, it's times like these that make me so proud as a Mum to see how my daughter is growing as a dancer... That's down to you Nikki and Susan so keep up the super work.... - Parent

Talent Quest was brilliant well done to all the girls who were there. - Parent

Well done everyone. It was a long day on Sunday but proved very worthwhile. Well done to all of the troupe members for their success in winning their groups and also well done to the individuals and groups which done excellent too. It was lovely to see all of the beaming smiles. - Parent

Thanks for another super day with the troupe, girls really enjoyed themselves... Bug dance super. Keep up fab work....  - Parent

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful Dinky Dance Tots trial class which my daughter attended on Saturday.  I must confess that I was a little apprehensive about how she would take to the session, but your warmth and professionalism won her over in no time! - Parent

Well done in obtaining Recognised School Status!  I know all of the teachers work really hard to ensure our children receive the best dance tuition.  The lessons are also fun so the children are eager to return. - Parent

Congratulations on achieving 'Recognised School Status' proud to be part of that status... also pleased that you are changing to the BBO this I believe can only improve standards and qualifications for the better! Well done. - Parent

I would like to say a big 'thank you' for putting on the lovely demonstration at the Galleries and giving my daughter an invaluable opportunity to dance and perform in front of so many people, which will give her so much more confidence, as have your teaching methods over the 4 years she has been attending your school. I have to say she lives for dancing as you have made it so enjoyable for her, and a welcoming place to be. Keep up the good work. - Parent

Galleries demo was a huge success - thanks for all your efforts, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the day! - Parent

I started my ballet and modern just over a year ago. I have loved every minute of being at Prima. It has not just improved my actual dancing, but my confidence, everyday posture and performance, really it has improved everything that is remotely related to dancing. I LOVE PRIMA!!!! I wouldn't be who I am now without it. Thankyou Clare, Nikki and Susan! - Student, aged 13

My daughter enjoys coming to Prima, she enjoys the lessons (especially the unset ballet on Wednesday which is a big hit!), she really likes the teachers and has made lots of friends. From my point of view, I think that the organisation and professionalism shown by yourself is excellent. - Parent

Another big thank you for putting on a lovely demonstration for the girls to dance at the Galleries... The dances and costumes were super and I am really proud of my daughter who loved every minute of the whole day. You work so hard to train and teach all the dances and it shows in the performances. We are very proud to be part of Prima, and over the last 4 years you have provided my daughter with a real passion to dance, focus and try hard with all she does. (what a life skill to have!) You should be very proud of the job you do... - Parent

Thank you so much for the lovely classes my daughter attended and thoroughly enjoyed. - Parent

The school website is very informative, looks very professional and is regularly updated, thank you for this valuable facility. - Parent

Prima totally changed my life; without it and it's amazing teacher's, I wouldn't be where I am today. Prima (and all to do with it) taught me not just how to dance and perform but to enjoy activities outside of school, socialise, gain experience and have FUN! Clare and the other teachers encouraged me to persue dance as a possible career which I am traing to do. I owe everything I know to Prima! Thanks a million Clare, I'll never forget you. Miss everyone tonnes, keep dancing babes! - Student, aged 16

My daughter is in the Dinky tap class on Saturday mornings at Oxclose school. I am thrilled with the class and she has loved every session. Susan and Nikki are brilliant with them. When it was the parent's watching class I couldn't believe how fabulous the whole class performed. It truly brought a tear to my eye to see my daughter do so well. - Parent

I love Prima... and my teachers! Dancing is part of life now and I look forward to my classes 3 times a week. I do tap, ballet, modern, musical theatre and unset ballet. Thank you. - Student, aged 6

Your school is miles better than any of the dancing lessons around here, the teachers are far better they engage with the children and get the best out of them whilst making it enjoyable, your classes are smaller, and you are also much more organised so everything goes much more smoothly. So I'll be sticking with you and commuting! But I wondered if there was another dance class which my daughter could do either just before or just after her new class to benefit more  from your fantastic school. - Parent

The Empire performance was great, my daughter enjoyed it, the dances were lovely. - Parent

Just a quick message to say thank you for last Saturday's wonderful Empire performance - I know I am bias but the girls were brilliant and I appreciate the effort you have to put in to make it all happen! - Parent

Congratulations on Saturday’s performance – I loved it all and thought the girls were brilliant! - Parent

I didn't want my daughter to miss her class. She loves it so much and watched a full hour of Darcy Bussell 10 best ballet moments and insisted on wearing her ballet shoes. - Parent

I just to say thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to Dance in the performance on Saturday night. The dances all look very professional and well rehearsed. keep up the super work. - Parent

Thanks for taking care of my daughter yesterday. Wow! It was a fantastic and very impressive performance by all the troupe -  a credit to yourself! - Parent

Thank you for all the work you have done with my daughter, she has really enjoyed attending the classes. - Parent

What a superb school! - Parent

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