How do I book my child’s first class?

Just go to our ‘Book Class’ page and make payment for the first 2 weeks to secure your place. If you have any queries you can get in touch via our Contact Form, before or after booking your trial period.

Can I stay and watch my child’s classes?

It’s fine to stay and watch your child’s first class so you can see what it’s all about but after that we ask that you leave your child at the door of the studio. In the case of young children please stay close by in case your child needs you or needs to go to the toilet (if you don’t wish them to go unaccompanied). We do run a session about twice a year where parents are invited to watch the class. 

How much do the classes cost?

Prices, along with class times are provided on our timetable. Click here for details.

How do I pay?

Click here for details.

What should my child wear for the first class?

Any comfortable clothes are fine for the first few weeks along with bare feet (clean trainers are required for Tap, Street/Musical Theatre and Acro). For all children’s classes there is a uniform which we expect you to purchase after the first few weeks. Click here for details.

What if I decide not to return to classes?

After your 2 week trial period just get in touch before the date of the next class if you wish to cancel your place. After that we require one clear calendar month’s notice to cancel a place, or fees in lieu.

Do you offer exams?

Yes, when our students are ready you will receive information about exams. These are always optional although they are strongly recommended.

Do you have performance opportunities?

Yes we have small performance opportunities crop up occasionally and we intend have a main school production about once every 2 years.

What if I miss a class? Will I get a refund?

No, as your place is still being held for you and we still have the same overheads.

Do classes run during school holidays?

We have the main school holidays off (Christmas, Easter, Summer) although classes may run on a weekend at the start or end of the holidays. As a general rule classes do run through half term, with the exception of Wednesday morning classes. You can check term dates on your Standing Order form or on our Calendar here.

How many children do you have in a class?

We aim to have no more than about 16-18 students in our classes (20-22 for Musical Theatre & Street). At times it may be slightly more or less than that. For Acro we have a strict maximum of 15 children in each class. Where necessary we also have a class assistant.

Are any of your former students professional dancers now?

Yes, many of Clare's former students have gone on to become professional dancers or teachers. You can read about their successes here.

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