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Timetable 2017 04 23

You can book a place in a class place here. Your payment of £11 will cover 1 class for 2 consecutive weeks, this is your trial period (don’t worry if the price on the timetable is different, that’s just what the monthly fees are based on).

If you decide not to return after your 2 week trial you’ll need to cancel your place. Regrettably we are unable to provide refunds for unattended classes, though we should be able to defer your start date if needed.

Once you’ve made payment you’ll be booked in to come along to the next available class (just let us know in the classes field below if you want to start on a different date). You can check term dates here

Please ensure the dancer is old enough for the class you want to attend, ages are given on our timetable. If you’re unsure or if you have any other queries please contact us. 

We will reply to the email address on your Paypal account, or the one you provide if you checkout as a guest. Please ensure this is your current email address, you can provide a different one in one of the fields below if necessary or get in touch via our Contact Form.

The following class(es) are full and we are unable to take any more bookings. If you would like to go onto the waiting list please contact us:

     - Monday 6pm Junior Acro

     - Saturday 9:45am Princess Poppets (please book Rainbow instead and ask to go on the waiting list for Princess)

Book your 2-week trial here:

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